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The Winning Leader™

"This is one of the best leadership course which I have attended!" - Lee EC, Snr Inspector, PID, SPF

"It was a very rewarding and enriching 2 days. Opened up a new perspective and approach to the issue of leadership." - Terry Thng, MD, Ozone Barter Pte Ltd

"I believed the program has given me a better understanding of the leadership process and what it takes to become a better leader." - Gerald Lai, HR Regional Manager

"A powerful program that delivers vital knowledge for anyone wanting to build up the skills to become a great manager. Made aware of the structural approach to become a great leader." - R. Nair, Senior Manager, CRO, NEA

"This is a very good, useful course which people holding supervisory roles or leading roles should attend, This course will guide participants to become a 'Winning leader." - K Lim, Team Leader, SECCOM, SPF.

"Material is excellent and helps us discover. Good programme for all leaders." - Susan Chan, Manager, Computer Centre, NUS

"The course trainer was very professional and sincere in his training approach. I benefit tremendously from the leadership programme. I would like to learn more about it. What I found most beneficial and will apply…what it takes to lead; mentorship; developing others; build relationship with others; develop potential leaders; build inner circle." - David Loh, Teacher, Anglo Chinese Junior College

"This training is rather different from other leadership training; it has opened up my mind." - CY Lee, Human Resource/Staff Development Manager, MMI

Some of our Leadership Training Sessions


Powerful Negotiation Techniques

"The course is very beneficial, as it provides advice and tips to tackle difficult people and obstacles in the working world and negotiation patterns in the future. It would greatly help me in my future working endeavours." - D Wong

"Very beneficial. Will apply at work and daily Life. Well done! Negotiation techniques skills for a life time. Don’t leave home without it. Very useful and relevant for work and everyday life situations. Highly recommended for everyone. A well-delivered course with practical and insightful tips by a very good and experienced trainer." - R Baharin, Chief Customs Officer, Singapore Customs.

"Course content has universal use. All topics introduced need to be put to practice to achieve effective outcome. Definitely would recommend to others to attend." - R Rai, OPS, Singapore Prison Service.

"Very insightful and enriching. Very relevant to my working environment and will help me in everyday life situations as well." - HA Jamil, AIO, SPF, CAD.

"This was the best workshop I’ve ever attended and the trainer’s style is really very good." - NUS, OSA

"Contents are very relevant to day-to-day situations, not just related to work." - Patrina Tan, EPS Computer Systems Pte Ltd.

"An interesting lesson on Negotiation. It is actually part and parcel of life. I will encourage my friends to join this course." - Neo Weiko, Singapore Police Force

Some of our Negotiation Training Sessions


Effective Communication Skills

"A must attend course for anyone whose job requires them to deal with people." - Fabian Joseph, Instructor, SATS

"Overall rating of course and trainer Mr Yeo: Excellent What I found most beneficial…Verbal communication and art of listening." - Dr. Zhao J., Market Development Manager, Motan Pte Ltd

"Mr Yeo has made the workshop interesting and lively. What I found most beneficial…the techniques of communication, different people, different perception, importance of building good rapport." - Priscilla Ng L K, Finance & Admin Manager, Baldor Electric ( Asia ) Pte Ltd

"Overall rating on the whole course is Good! What I found most beneficial….able to understand interpersonal relationship and to see the facet of each person." - Tan Hai Teo., Regional Tech Manager- Asia Pacific, Convotherm Singapore Pte Ltd

"The lesson was fantastic to change my overall communication skills." - Cica Pamudjihardjo, Financial Services Consultant, AIA

"A very interesting workshop." - Cynthia Chow, Secretary, Singapore American School

"I learned that people perceive the world differently." - Anchala Kumar, Technician, Singapore Polytechnic

Some of our Effective Communication Training Sessions


Assertive Communication Skills

"I liked the way that Mr Yeo got everyone to participate & contribute, even though some of us were very shy at the beginning. This helped them to meet the course objectives and enabled everyone to learn from each other. I thought that he inserted the role play exercises very skillfully - people just did it sitting in their places, did not feel so threatened." - Sharon Chan, Senior Manager, IRO, NUS

"Very insightful and enriching. Very relevant to my working environment and will help me in everyday life situations as well. I will apply when communicating with people I need to interact with, such as public, superior, subordinates." - H A Jamil, AIO, Commercial Affairs Dept, SPF.

"Very beneficial and educational. Will apply at my working place with the residents. Very good. Interesting." - Soh J H D, EHO, CRO, NEA.

"Correct faulty assumptions or wrong perceptions that we have been holding onto. Trainer is very motivational/inspirational." - Nancy Chia, Manager, Chem & Bromo/Eng Dept, NUS

"Certainly a good course to attend for all Police Officers, due to the nature that P.O. needs to communicate with the members of the public." - Izar, Training Officer, Singapore Police Force.

"A good course. Build up self confidence to speak." - Yunos, SPF.

Some of our Assertive Communication Training Sessions


Dealing With Difficult Customers

"The course helps me to be more confident in handling difficult people." - Abdul J Hussain, Environmental Health Executive, NEA.

"Very well explained and gave us a good view on how to deal with difficult customers. Very useful. Will apply on customers in daily encounters." - Susila Devi, CRO, EHD.

"This course has made everything easier and am looking forward for the challenges ahead. Thank you! I will practise all the factors taught to customers categorized as ‘difficult’. Worth every minute." - S Hidayah, Membership Executive, Fitness Network, Exer-Fit.

"Good skills that can be applied to handle customers." - SJ Nasir, Singapore Police Force.

"I have benefited to a good extent from the course. Relevant to be used now and in future. Trainer gives good training and has experience in many areas. Glad to have attended his course." - DA Chan, Singapore Prison.

"I personally feel that the trainer is knowledgeable and able to keep the training interesting/simple. An experienced trainer." - DLow, Sales Manager, Corning International Singapore.

Some of our Dealing with Difficult Customers Training Sessions


Time Mastery

"Strongly recommended for anybody who can’t manage time to the fullest." - Michael, ERA Real Estate.

"I learnt to control my time and make full use of my time and delegate work to benefit others. Delegate work and understand how to use time effectively. Will apply it at my daily work. Trainer delivered his course well." - NW Ajmaain, Prison Officer, Singapore Prisons Service.

"I have learnt how to prioritise my time and will be able to utilize my workday time more effectively and be more productive too. I will learn to cluster similar tasks to do at one time and not switching between tasks. I learnt how to delegate my duties so that I will have more time to achieve my daily goals." - T Koh, Recruitment Consultant, EPS Computer Systems.

"Beneficial both in official and personal aspects. Help me to be able to manage my time more effectively and not to procrastinate." - Y Kumari, Coastal Command, ICA.

"I learnt to manage time for better achievement and enjoyment in life." - J Goh, Company Compliance Officer, Singapore Customs.

"Mr Yeo is an interesting person who can motivate me to participate in this course." - Alicia Ng, Penanshin Shipping.

Some of our Time Mastery Training Sessions


Creativity In the Workplace

"Good and beneficial course. It improve and widen my perspective on thinking and ways to be creative and innovative. Will apply to my routine work and problem solving approach using creative problem approach." - Pang T S, PNSD

"Certain areas are further enlightened. Creativity & innovation are from alternative ways to improve present situation." - E Chng, Supreme Court

"Beneficial both at work and outside." - I Goh, PNSD

"Have a better understanding on why there’s a need to be creative & innovative. There are many ways to be creative & innovative." - H Sunjit, Supreme Court

"To be more creative will give me more opportunity to become a better officer and to serve my organisation better. Will recommend my fellow colleagues to attend this course." - M Low SC, OC, CAD

Some of our Creativty Training Sessions


Working Effectively With Your Colleagues & Boss

"Great course and I will send my staff to attend this course. The course helps me to know more about myself and how to work effectively with colleagues and boss." - Ang PP, Meteorological Services, NEA

"It open my eyes that sometimes it's not the situation, but it is yourself that could be the problem." - Cheng YH, Senior Trainer, Training, SOC, SPF

"A very good and excellent course for all staff. Whatever skills that I have learned from this course, I will apply in my daily work routine effectively." - Shanthi, National Medical Research Council, MOH

"This course makes me more aware of my boss and colleagues' feelings and help me to think in their point of view. It helps me know how to handle difficult boss and colleagues. I will be more vigilant. I strongly recommend others to attend this course. It is interesting and rewarding." - Lim MJ, Trooper, SOC, SPF

"I am able to understand myself and others’ thinking better. Understand why people behave and react these ways." - N Kwek LS. PS, CWP, SPS

"I had a better understanding of my boss' working style." - He JXJ, NPCO, SPF

Some of our Working Effectively With Your Colleagues & Boss Training Sessions


Managing Your Money - A Layman's Winning Approach™

"Great course. Young people should attend, especially below 30. Eye-opener. The course contents really benefit me a lot." - Kwek N X, HUO, Singapore Prison Service

"This financial course should be introduced to all servicemen, especially new recruits in the SAF. Financial Fitness is as important as physical fitness. Highly recommended." - Ong K W, Technician, TAB, Mindef

"The course changes my mindset about money management and obtaining financial freedom. I think it is achievable. This is an eye-opener course. The best financial course I have attended so far." - Ang EP, Systems Analyst,TSD, MSD, NEA

"A “must attend” course for all people in all walks of life!" - NUS participant

"Great course. Young people should attend, especially below 30. Eye-opener. The course contents really benefit me a lot." - J Kang SZ, Higher Singapore Customs Officer, Singapore Customs

"I can only say:How lucky/fortunate I’m to have attended this course." - Chong FF, Traffic Police

"It is an eye-opener course on the knowledge of managing my money. Trainer took his time to answer many of the layman’s questions and it is a wake-up call to me to really look into my financial planning." - D Tan, Senior Trainer, SPF, MHA

Some of our Managing Your Money Training Sessions


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