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Apcot International Pte Ltd brings the latest training techniques, aids and success psychologies available around the world for both the individual and the corporate. APCOT, with the affiliation of a large number of international & regional speakers, trainers, successful individuals, celebrities & leaders, would be able to provide a continual learning environment and platform. 

APCOT regularly conducts Seminars, Events, Training and other facilitations in major hotels, clubs
and in-house venues.

Our Services Include:

Corporate Training

a. Leadership
b. Management Development
c. Teamwork / Teambuilding
d. Interpersonal Skills
e. Communication Skills
f.  Presentation Skills
g. Sales and Negotiation
h. Customer Services
i.  Workplace Effectiveness
j.  Objectives & Achievements
k.  And many more


Corporate Consultancy

a.   HR Solutions
b.   People Developer Consultancy
c.   360 Feedback Process Implementation
d.   Appraisals Solutions
e.   Many more………   

Open Workshop

a. Developing The Leader Within You
b. Win-Win Mindset
c. Teamwork / Teambuilding
d. Assertive Communication Skills
e. Effective Communication Skills
f.  Powerful Presentation Skills
g. Sales and Negotiation
h. Telephone Selling Skills
i.  Dealing With Difficult Customers
j.  Powerful Telephone Techniques
k. Time Mastery


Event Organising

a. Public and National Events
b. Public Convention and Congress
c. Corporate Annual Events
d. Events - Trade, Industries & various sectors 


Personal Consultancy

a. Personal / Private Consultancy
b. Business Consultancy
c. Life Coaching
d. Wealth Coaching




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