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Programmes Overview Objectives

Sales And Negotiation Techniques


This is a specially customized programme which focuses on giving a salesperson the essential knowledge in sales and negotiation skills. It covers the sales process, closing techniques and negotiation techniques plus how to counter common negotiation gambits.


  • Identify your customers
  • Recognizing the types of sales interaction
  • Getting the sales appointments
  • The sales process
  • The do's and don'ts in sales presentation
  • Handling buying resistance
  • The closing techniques
  • Recognizing common negotiation techniques
  • How to counter negotiation gambits
  • Cultivating a win-win mindset


Effective Telephone Selling Skills


The Telephone can be a powerful sales tool.

Almost every household has a telephone, and businesses usually have several.  Tapping into the telephone market and using it for sales can bring in the money for your company.  The process of making sales over the phone requires skills.  Powerful Telephone Sales is your guide to developing and implementing a successful telephone marketing campaign.


  • Finding receptive prospects.
  • Determine the benefits of your product or services
  • Grab the prospectís attention and create rapport
  • Deliver your selling message with confidence
  • Make a great first impression
  • Handle objections
  • Make follow-up calls




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