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Programmes Overview Objectives

Dealing With Difficult Customers


There is an old saying that a happy customer tells few people, but an unhappy customers complain to many.

Taking care of customers is the first order of any business. Unhappy customers may not only cost you their business, but they can also hurt your company's reputation as well. Understand why customers become difficult and learn to handle them effectively. Afterall, it is easier to keep a customer than to get a new one.


  • Control your response to the customer
  • Identify the source of conflict
  • Apply conflict resolution techniques
  • Apply creative problem-solving techniques
  • Communicate with the customer
  • Managing customers expectations
  • Turn complaining customers into assets


Powerful Telephone Techniques


Master today's key skills and strategies for effective telephone use.

Everyday, hundreds of telephone calls present opportunities to create or lose business. Good common sense telephone techniques and old-fashioned courtesy, especially in today's digital age, often define crucial business moments. Poor telephone skills can cause customer dissatisfaction or loss of customers, damage the organization image and threaten overall caller goodwill.


  • Turning telephone calls into relationship builders
  • Preventing callers from wandering off topic
  • Dealing with irate, angry and abusive callers
  • Turn complaints into business
  • Varying timing, tone and word choice to enhance caller comfort
  • Applying voice mail etiquette
  • Effective ways to boost telephone effectiveness
  • Save time by increasing efficiency.




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