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Programmes Overview Objectives
Leadership Workshop

This is a leadership programme based on some of the best practices in leadership, The Winning Leader aims to equip participants with the concepts and tools to gauge, develop and improve their leadership ability, through the implementation of the behaviours of successful leadership. The workshop offers a multi-faceted view on the components of winning leadership and an easy-to-implement framework that will help you think, behave and develop your leadership.


  • The principles and behaviours of Leadership
  • How to connect with the people you lead.
  • How to exhibit integrity and develop a positive attitude
  • How to uncover the values of the people you lead.
  • How to cast your vision and motivate others to share your vision.
  • How to develop others around you
  • Build your Inner Circle.


Effective Performance Management


This course provides the necessary tools for any supervisor or manager, junior or senior, to develop and implement a solid performance management system to ensure that everyone is working for the same results. This system will serve as the foundation and driving force behind all organizational decisions, work efforts, and resource allocations.


  • Set clear goals and objectives
  • Recognize the importance of performance planning and when it should be done
  • Review and accurately evaluate their employees
  • Offer constructive praise and criticism
  • Acquire coaching tips to improve productivity and motivational levels


Overcoming Disciplinary & Performance Problems


Are you comfortable dealing with disciplinary and performance problems in your workplace?

Most managers are not. Instead of confronting a problem with confidence, most supervisors and managers see-saw over their decisions. Is it really that bad or am I just nitpicking? Do I expect too much or could he do better? Can I help him improve or is he a lost cause?

This workshop provides the solutions you need to get problem employees back on track or out of your workplace.


  • Approach employees in a way that wins co-operation and focus on solutions.
  • Learn new ways to communicate expectations, give your people timely, focused feedback and get them committed to meeting improvement goals.
  • Figure out what motivates a particular employee, ways to reinforce positive changes
  • What action to take when people continually come up short.
  • Learn proven ways to discipline people face-to-face and in writing.


Effective Performance Appraisal Performance appraisal can be a daunting task if you do not know what to do. Employed correctly, performance appraisal can be a powerful tool for motivating your people if you know how to use it correctly. Use it to set goals for your people, use it to mark out the milestones for them and use it to track and help them improve on their performance.
  • Define clear-cut responsibilities for each employee you supervise.
  • Able to write a development plan that sets specific improvement goals your people can aim to meet.
  • Gain tools to help you track performance ?day in, day out.
  • Measure performance using ?60 degrees Appraisals?/span>
  • Gain writing tips to help you keep your reviews concise and to the point.
  • Master communications techniques to help you ease tensions, stay positive and reach resolutions every time


Essential Supervisor Skills for Success


There is no magic to being a good supervisor. It takes some understanding of human behaviour combined with the timely application of effective management skills to become a great supervisor.
  • Understand the roles of a supervisor.
  • Learn essential management skills such as leadership, decision-making, delegation and others.
  • Master communication skills such as listening, giving praise, giving feedback and more.





Developing A Win-Win Mindset Having the correct mindset is the crucial factor in today's business environment. Whether you are in management, supervisory, sales or a customer support role, having a win-win mindset is the key to success in almost every encounter.
  • Understand why people behave differently
  • Recognize different communication styles
  • Discover your own core values
  • Develop a winning attitude
  • Handle conflicts creatively
  • Think positively
  • Think win-win




Many of today's work teams are teams in name only. They are merely a group of individuals. High performance teams have certain traits. This is an experiential team-building programme to instill high performance traits into your work team and grow the team into a highly successful work team.


  • Recognize behaviours of an individual
  • Recognize behaviours of people within a team
  • Team-bonding
  • Building trust
  • Think win-win


Holding Successful Meetings


More than half of executive time is spent around the meeting room table. Meeting overkill is a contribution to job stress and non-productive meetings kill the joy out of your job.  The good news is that you can really control the frequency and effectiveness of your meetings.


  • Knowing when to hold a meeting.
  • Setting the Agenda
  • Making preparations before meeting and meeting set-up
  • How to lead a meeting
  • Dealing with conflicts.
  • What to follow up after meeting.


Time Mastery - Get The Most Out Of Your Work Day


Do you sometimes wish you could create more hours in the day to accomplish your business and personal tasks? While itís hard to make more time, there is a better way to manage time. This Time Mastery programme is a powerful tool you can use to prioritize activities, fight procrastination, and develop a time management system that matches your unique way of working. You can take hold of your time, schedule and manage your job more effectively.


  • Increase awareness of one's time management strengths and opportunities
  • Develop the "Can Do" attitude towards time management
  • Optimise available time with effective choices;
  • Handle multiple priorities
  • Control one's tendency to procrastinate;
  • Control one's tendency to interrupt others as well as curb interruptions
  • Improve personal productivity and achieve greater results; and enhance one's ability to assess and deal with time limitations realistically


High Impact Business Writing


Business writing differs from other kinds of writing. Unlike essay or script writing where the writers use words to tease the senses with colour and texture to challenge the reader's imagination, business writing has a different function. Business writing is concise and precise, saying as much as possible with as few words as possible. The writer also has to follow an acceptable format for each type of business message. This workshop gives the participants the foundation of business writing.


  • Differentiate between essay writing and business writing
  • Identify readers and write to them
  • Get the message from your head on to the paper or the computer screen
  • Say more with less words
  • Avoid common mistakes in business writing
  • Know the different types of business messages
  • Know how to record minutes in a meeting


Programmes Overview Objectives

Workplace Interpersonal Skills


Everyday, you come into contact with a variety of people in your workplace. Whether your encounter will be a success or failure depends in part on the strength of your interpersonal communication skills. Learn how to recognize that different people have different working styles. Learn to uncover people's values and how to gain their trust.


  • Recognize different working styles
  • Recognize factors that affect relationships
  • How to build relationships with people in your workplace
  • Learn how to gain trust
  • Exhibit integrity and positive working attitude.
  • How to communicate for effectiveness
  • Understanding the importance of listening


Effective Communication Skills


Connect better with everyone you interact with.

When you speak, do people pay attention? Does your message really sink in? Are you comfortable bringing sensitive issues to the forefront? Ineffective communication can lead to misunderstandings and missed opportunities, and can damage your credibility. Understanding how others receive and interpret our messages together with the skills to communicate our messages to others will make us effective communicators.


  • Understand how people represent their surrounding
  • How people distort, delete and generalize a message
    before "hearing"
  • Tailor your message to match your audience
  • Offer constructive praise and criticism
  • Acquire coaching tips to improve productivity and motivational levels


Assertive Communication Skills


Everyone can gain from greater assertiveness, confidence and self-esteem and this does not have to involve aggression.  Assertive communication will help you to acquire skills you need to tap into your hidden talents, to define and pursue your ambitions and to stand up for yourself.  You can use your influence to extend your beliefs and values to others in your organization.


  • Understand the various communication styles.
  • Differentiate assertiveness and aggression.
  • Know what contributes to assertiveness.
  • Learn when, where and on whom to apply assertiveness.
  • Know various assertiveness communication strategies.


Making Winning Presentations


Presentation is the key to achieving the desired results.  Create the right impression by making the right presentations, whether your audience is one or one hundred and one.  Learn the skill to Impress, Impact and Inspire.


  • Ideas to build presentations
  • Overcome presentation jitters and act composed
  • Deliver what audiences expect
  • Secret to using gestures
  • Adjust the presentation to the audience
  • Get listeners to remember what they need to


Powerful Negotiation Techniques


Negotiation can play a vital role in getting what you want in your personal and professional lives.  Whether it is a sale negotiation, price negotiation or a contract negotiation, you can achieve the optimal results for yourself as well as your opponent by creating a WIN-WIN situation.


  • How to prepare for negotiation
  • Time-tested approaches for turning conflict into cooperation
  • How to navigate the entire negotiation process and
    outlining goals
  • How to anticipate and interpret reactions from the
    other side
  • Analyze and adjust to different personality types
    when dealing
  • How to arrive at a mutual beneficial agreement


Programmes Overview Objectives

Sales And Negotiation Techniques


This is a specially customized programme which focuses on giving a salesperson the essential knowledge in sales and negotiation skills. It covers the sales process, closing techniques and negotiation techniques plus how to counter common negotiation gambits.


  • Identify your customers
  • Recognizing the types of sales interaction
  • Getting the sales appointments
  • The sales process
  • The do's and don'ts in sales presentation
  • Handling buying resistance
  • The closing techniques
  • Recognizing common negotiation techniques
  • How to counter negotiation gambits
  • Cultivating a win-win mindset


Effective Telephone Selling Skills


The Telephone can be a powerful sales tool.

Almost every household has a telephone, and businesses usually have several.  Tapping into the telephone market and using it for sales can bring in the money for your company.  The process of making sales over the phone requires skills.  Powerful Telephone Sales is your guide to developing and implementing a successful telephone marketing campaign.


  • Finding receptive prospects.
  • Determine the benefits of your product or services
  • Grab the prospectís attention and create rapport
  • Deliver your selling message with confidence
  • Make a great first impression
  • Handle objections
  • Make follow-up calls


Programmes Overview Objectives

Dealing With Difficult Customers


There is an old saying that a happy customer tells few people, but an unhappy customers complain to many.

Taking care of customers is the first order of any business. Unhappy customers may not only cost you their business, but they can also hurt your company's reputation as well. Understand why customers become difficult and learn to handle them effectively. Afterall, it is easier to keep a customer than to get a new one.


  • Control your response to the customer
  • Identify the source of conflict
  • Apply conflict resolution techniques
  • Apply creative problem-solving techniques
  • Communicate with the customer
  • Managing customers expectations
  • Turn complaining customers into assets


Powerful Telephone Techniques


Master today's key skills and strategies for effective telephone use.

Everyday, hundreds of telephone calls present opportunities to create or lose business. Good common sense telephone techniques and old-fashioned courtesy, especially in today's digital age, often define crucial business moments. Poor telephone skills can cause customer dissatisfaction or loss of customers, damage the organization image and threaten overall caller goodwill.


  • Turning telephone calls into relationship builders
  • Preventing callers from wandering off topic
  • Dealing with irate, angry and abusive callers
  • Turn complaints into business
  • Varying timing, tone and word choice to enhance caller comfort
  • Applying voice mail etiquette
  • Effective ways to boost telephone effectiveness
  • Save time by increasing efficiency.




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