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Programmes Overview Objectives

Workplace Interpersonal Skills


Everyday, you come into contact with a variety of people in your workplace. Whether your encounter will be a success or failure depends in part on the strength of your interpersonal communication skills. Learn how to recognize that different people have different working styles. Learn to uncover people's values and how to gain their trust.


  • Recognize different working styles
  • Recognize factors that affect relationships
  • How to build relationships with people in your workplace
  • Learn how to gain trust
  • Exhibit integrity and positive working attitude.
  • How to communicate for effectiveness
  • Understanding the importance of listening


Effective Communication Skills


Connect better with everyone you interact with.

When you speak, do people pay attention? Does your message really sink in? Are you comfortable bringing sensitive issues to the forefront? Ineffective communication can lead to misunderstandings and missed opportunities, and can damage your credibility. Understanding how others receive and interpret our messages together with the skills to communicate our messages to others will make us effective communicators.


  • Understand how people represent their surrounding
  • How people distort, delete and generalize a message
    before "hearing"
  • Tailor your message to match your audience
  • Offer constructive praise and criticism
  • Acquire coaching tips to improve productivity and motivational levels


Assertive Communication Skills


Everyone can gain from greater assertiveness, confidence and self-esteem and this does not have to involve aggression.  Assertive communication will help you to acquire skills you need to tap into your hidden talents, to define and pursue your ambitions and to stand up for yourself.  You can use your influence to extend your beliefs and values to others in your organization.


  • Understand the various communication styles.
  • Differentiate assertiveness and aggression.
  • Know what contributes to assertiveness.
  • Learn when, where and on whom to apply assertiveness.
  • Know various assertiveness communication strategies.


Making Winning Presentations


Presentation is the key to achieving the desired results.  Create the right impression by making the right presentations, whether your audience is one or one hundred and one.  Learn the skill to Impress, Impact and Inspire.


  • Ideas to build presentations
  • Overcome presentation jitters and act composed
  • Deliver what audiences expect
  • Secret to using gestures
  • Adjust the presentation to the audience
  • Get listeners to remember what they need to


Powerful Negotiation Techniques


Negotiation can play a vital role in getting what you want in your personal and professional lives.  Whether it is a sale negotiation, price negotiation or a contract negotiation, you can achieve the optimal results for yourself as well as your opponent by creating a WIN-WIN situation.


  • How to prepare for negotiation
  • Time-tested approaches for turning conflict into cooperation
  • How to navigate the entire negotiation process and outlining goals
  • How to anticipate and interpret reactions from the other side
  • Analyze and adjust to different personality types during negotiation
  • How to arrive at a mutual beneficial agreement





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